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Warning: This blog contains sweet imagines that will make you smile, squeal, possibly even explode with feels.You have been warned~
Truth and Dare ,Taehyung ,hotKiss. Hehehehe *0* ~~

Truth and Dare, Taehyung, Hot Kiss – Taehyung

Truth or Dare –

    There were only two options, truth and dare. It was your decision to pick one of the two but you did not know which one was the best choice to pick. That evil grin your boyfriend Taehyung had was terrifying, you knew either one you picked he would have a devious idea for you. You had gather all the courage and said out loud the choice you had chosen which was dare, looking back at Taehyung. He had a smug expression on his face as he began his sentence.

“Okay Y/N I dare you to kiss me.” He spoke out grinning happily at you, his lips waited to be reunited with yours.

Taehyung –

    You waited for your boyfriend outside the company building which he had been working at. You heard a loud muffling noise, you turned your head to the direction it was coming from. Your boyfriend, Taehyung was running over towards you having a big square grin plastered on his face.

“Y/N-ah~” He said wrapping his arms around your body trapping you completely in his embrace.

“Hey Taehyung” You spoke out returning the sweet embrace to him.

Hot Kiss –

    It had been months since you last seen Taehyung, you missed him dearly. Many thoughts of cuddling and sweet kisses ran through your mind, you just wanted your beloved boyfriend right by your side once again.

Covered in his comfortable sweater, you stood in front of the airplane arrivals to greet him. Your eyes wandered around the area looking for him but there was no sight of him.  Your vision had went black as two hands had covered your eyes perfectly, your shoulders began to stiffen.

“Y/N~ guess who?”  The voice whispered softly to your ear. That voice sounded very familiar, you smiled and grabbed a hold of his hands that been covering your eyes.

“Tae~” you answered his question still smiling lovingly at him. Your arms sneaked their way to his neck, your face getting closer to his, your lips soon attached to his.

The kiss was supposed to be sweet and gentle but Taehyung always manages to turn it into a passionate hot kiss.

I’m so sorry i haven’t even done the 3 word scenarios ;;I’ve been busy with homework as it is soon to be the end of the quarter. I promise i will do them tomorrow ^^ by the meantime send in 3 words ~ Im coming back with a lot of scenarios finished ~

3 Words Scenario Request

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TITLE: Distant Dreams | Oneshot | DESC: Jungkook is the sun, and Taehyung is the moon. | SOURCE: asianfanfics || TITLE: Cheater, Cheater, Best Friend Eater | Ongoing | DESC: Taehyung stains his relationship with lies and distrust after confessing his sin(s) to his fiance, Jungkook. Now, Jungkook is left with doubts, insecurities, and questions. The only person who's been keeping the boy happy is Seokjin, whom loves the boy, but refuses to interfere in their engagement. | SOURCE: livejournal

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