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Suga - You Left Me

“So what do you need me for?”

“I’ve tried anything, everything, and everyone. But he won’t listen to any of us, I need you to try to make him clean again.”

Clean? “What do you mean clean?”

He sighed, “He’s hooked, on heroin.”

So that was how you ended up here. Back to your hometown that you left to follow your dreams, but here you are again… One of your good friends, Jimin picked you up from the airport and brought you to the apartment he shares with your ex-boyfriend, Yoongi.

“So where is he?” you asked nervously

Jimin looked at the time. “Its still early, he’ll wake up soon though.” he looked at you and sat down.

“So how long has he been off it?” you asked but he avoided your look.

“I threw it out before I went to pick you up.” he stammered.

So I have to handle this from the beginning huh? You muttered to yourself and slowly nodded at the boy in front of you as he smiled slightly rubbing his nape awkwardly.

“Y/N?” you heard someone gasped making you turn only to be met with a familiar pair of chocolate brown eyes. Your eyes examined him making your face fell at his state. He lost a lot of weight and his skin was paler than you remembered. His eyes were dark and little pricks from the needles decorated his arms. But when I met his eyes again, it went from surprised to anger.


“What is she doing here?!” Yoongi growled at his dongsaeng but Jimin only glared at his hyung.

“She’s gonna be staying here for a while” he replied firmly.

“Why?” Yoongi spat

“She’s here to help you”  Jimin spat back as Yoongi’s eyes averted at you—

“I don’t need help!” he growled as his hand balled into a fist. “Especially not from her” he said his voice full of venom. “You” he pointed at you, “You left me! So why don’t you just do that again? Just fuck off!” he spat, his words pricking you like knives and it stung like hell. “You’re not even defending yourself!” he edged nearer and looked down at you, “You are nothing to me” he muttered before he turned his back and slammed the door on you.

Jimin looked at you apologetically “I’m sorry” he sighed as silence filled the room.




“It’s fine” you croaked keeping your tears at bay. “I’m… gonna go to my room. I’m gonna take a nap… I’m tired.” You excused before standing up and picking up your bag. “Where is it?” you asked smiling slightly.

Jimin stood up to assist you to your room, “Thanks Jimin-ah” you said before you entered your room and shut the door behind you. Your room was across from Yoongi’s room—you sighed as you placed your bags down and sat on the bed.


You woke up from the heavy yelling that you think was coming from the outside; you rubbed your eyes and sat up. Stretching, you stood up and walked in the living room only to see Jimin stood by the wall as Yoongi was going through the draws in the kitchen. “Where is it Jimin!?!” Yoongi shouted but Jimin merely shrugged. “So the bitch took it eh?” he spat before his eyes landed on you—

“She’s trying to help you!” Jimin shouted at him but Yoongi took long strides and edged up at him.

“She LEFT me!! She doesn’t fucking care!”

Just as the tension grew bigger you cleared your throat making both of their heads snapped your way. “Jimin can I talk to Yoongi alone please” you said calmly and Jimin nodded before leaving the dorm.

“Yoongi-yah” you walked towards as his back was facing you. “Yoongi look at me” you sighed as your fingers slowly touched his shoulder but you gasped as he quickly spun around and slapped your hand away from him.

“Just give it to me Y/N” he growled

“I don’t have it”

He clenched his jaw, “GIVE IT TO ME!” he screamed frustratingly

You closed your eyes before opening them again and looked at him dead in the eyes, “No” you sighed and he pulled back and glared at you. He raised his hand making you flinch, you closed your eyes and waited for the pain to hit you but it never came.

And slowly you peered your eyes open and there he was with his gorgeous eyes. “Why did you leave me?” his voice trembled and in that moment you saw the Min Yoongi you fell in love with but it soon faded— “Why?!” he demanded, his voice rising in desperation. “Why do you have to come back?!”

“Because you need help”

“I don’t need help! I’m fine! Why do you care anyways?!” he shouted

“You do need help! You’re not fine Yoongi! And I’m fucking helping you cause I fucking love you!” you screamed at him, tears blurring your vision.

“You what?” he stuttered and you gasped, mentally slapping yourself for blurting it out.

“Nothing” you replied avoiding his gaze but Yoongi came closer,

“Yes it was something, say it again” he made you look at him as your chin trembled as you blinked your tears away. “I never stopped” and there it was a tear fell from your eye as Yoongi looked like he was about to break into a million pieces

“Do you mean that?” he whispered and you gulped as he looked at you desperately, “Do you?” he pressed and you slowly nodded.

He blinked before his hands found your waist and slowly traced circles on it, his face edged nearer to yours that you could feel his hot breath fan over your face. Your noses slightly touched as shivers ran through your whole body. You gulped as he froze. There was a brief pause. His eyes stared at yours before it dropped to your lips.

And before you knew it, his lips was crushed on yours and your lips moved in sync as you savoured the moment.

 Yoongi kissed you for the first time in two years and it felt like home

Anonymous whispered

Are ships still open?

no sorry~ we still have a ton in our inbox so we’re trying to do all of them atm^^ 


ship plz~ hight: 165cm. green-brown mixed wide eyes with long eyelashes. my style changes everyday into the mood i am, like sweet or cassual or sometimes chic or street-look...i like fashion a lot and dancing is my biggest passion. i love ballads and languages and mysterious things ;) FRIED CHICKEN IS LIFE! my personality is at first very shy, not talk-activ & kinda clumsy and it gets always really awkward but later after u know me better i'm more than 4D & love it to get close with u <3 00liner

I ship you so much with RapMon! I feel like Rap mon is the guy who would really appreciate someone with style, as said so himself he’s quite stylish himself. Dancing you say? Opposite attracts after all XD

Clumsy? meet the God of destruction he’ll make you look better dw~ 


ihavepetaliens whispered

Ship please? Im 167 cm tall and I turn 16 in about a week! I wear glasses. I love to dance, sing, and im artistic. Shy at first but when i open up i can be really fun (but responsible). And i tend to care about others more than myself. Thank you!

Happy bday bby girl! I ship you with Jhope~ Your selflessness would really suit well to Jhope’s sentimental attachment with his parents. I feel like he’d really appreciate every attention you give to him ^0^ Plus its not that hard to come out of your shell when you’re with someone like Jhope XD 


aznhnt whispered

I love Namjoon for his drive, talent, and one heck of a personality. He is just the best of both worlds. Serious but funny. Sometimes crazy but chill at the same time. His voice is just something you know? I also love how he gets so into his rap like for Just One Day and it's intense in the most perfect way but then he can rap/sing and all you can hear is how deep and almost rustyish his voice can be. His smile and the faces he makes is also a topic of discussion. Bless him for his existence. <3
peachyjaemi whispered

I love Namjoonie because he is so talented and mature!! He's a little goofball but such a responsible leader. He's only a year older than me and we have a lot in common so I look up to him a lot. He's so professional, wise, driven and determined. He inspires me so much. He's also such a talented guy, I can safely say he's my favourite rapper- ever! I wish him success and happiness in his career and personal life! You take care of your members but take care of yourself too Namjoonie!
Anonymous whispered

I love Rap Monster because he stands for what he loves even when things get hard. Because that's what passion is about and his strength inspires me to work for what I want. Also there's the fact that he's such a dork and I want to punch he all the time :')

I wish I could be as courageous/confident as him tbh

Now tell me why you love Rap Monster?

platform-bts whispered

I like RapMon bc he's funny sometimes . He's good at doin' derp face too and his rap in "Let Me Know" are very soft and I very like it !!! E'thing 'bout him makes me think he is very similar like my old friend . I miss him T.T

yes yes yes I totally agree, when he rap unffff

Now tell me why you love Rap Monster?

It’s rapmon’s bday!!! Let’s do the same thing as we did on Jungkook’s bday, send us why you love Rap Mon! 

Personally I adore Rapmon cause he’s very confident but not confident, cocky but humbly confident. The leader role really suits him as he’s not afraid to take on any challenges, be it dancing or speaking English to complete strangers on AHL, he will conquer everything and lead Bangtan to the top! I wish our leader good health and a great day~! 

For me if Jimin is my ideal best friend, Rap mon is an ideal older brother~ 

Now tell me why you love Rap Monster?

Ships are closed

our askbox is filled of ships !^^ we will open of shipbox when we finish them all