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What is PSAT?



It’s a test ^^ I think it is to prepare you for the SATs? I’m not sure OTL

Yeah it is!! And its so easy I wonder why we have to take it…ITs like something that helps you to get financial aid and to let University’s see your pre results to see if they should pay attention to you in the future…especially when you may apply to their university!!!!! ^~^

Oh ^^^ more facts about the PSAT^^ thanks ~

PSAT is just a practice SAT to give you a taste of the real deal :)

Oh ! Thank you ^^ there you anony who asked about it ~

What is PSAT?

It’s a test ^^ I think it is to prepare you for the SATs? I’m not sure OTL

PSAT just killed me

After watching a song for you I can totally see amber  and taehyung together. please tell me I’m not the only one .-.

so-rai-ro said: probs ask him to lift me up XD and idk why but i have the weirdest urge to pinch his adorable cheeks lmao :3

oh yesss XD those cheeks of his are adorable *-* 

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